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Happy Labor Day Monday. Let the weekend last as long as possible with this new single from Verite … aptly named "Weekend."


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I love this new lookbook by Zara.

I pretty much love any creative direction Zara has. Period.

// Back to school y’all.

Check it out in action HERE.

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5 Things Wednesday

Hey party people. I SO had this ready to rock yesterday (meaning I had the 5 things picked out, photos selected, but not quite written the post) … but I got distracted.

With a timely viewing of one of my favorite stoner movies: Pineapple Express.


Anyways, sorry about the delay. Here are 5 things going on with me:

1  RESTOCKED THE STORE - This past weekend I kind of had one of those overwhelmingly “I just want to be a homebody” moments wash over me. And so I did. Stay home. 

It was nice.

What made it even better was being able to handcraft some pretty magnet sets while I chilled at home and watched TV. 

There’s something very therapeutic about making these. They’re simple and they’re one of a kind. But I can’t keep them all because that’s just crazy. So I restocked the STORE. You should go buy some!

(PS - free shipping when you use the code “HELLOTHERE”)


2  MOVIE: THE ONE I LOVE - I kind of want to watch this movie. You got Mark Duplass from The League and Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men. I mean, what’s not to like?

I’ll probably Red Box it. But still, excited to watch something new. Especially with these two in it.


3  NEW WALK IN LOVE COLLECTION (VERSES PT. 2) - Walk In Love just launched their newest collection of shirts. It’s part deux of Verses!

I’m really digging THIS ONE in particular.


4  BREAKING BAD WINS EMMY’S + VIDEO - You guys, I was really sad this past Monday when I couldn’t participate in the citywide scavenger hunt put on my Breaking Bad’s own Aaron Paul.

I so would’ve rocked that thing. It’s all good though. 

Congrats on those Emmy’s! On that note, a video:

5  RUNNING ON FUMES - Being a solo/creative entrepreneur there’s a ton of hustle that goes into it. There’s the part where you do a TON of work to just get better at it and refine your voice. And then you have to hustle on the marketing side, schedule in meetings and follow up on emails all the while fill in the gaps with more shoots.

This week alone I have five shoots. One of which was a video tutorial … those take longer. And then I have all these meetings sprinkled throughout the week. 

Which is great! But it’s tiring. Hopefully it’ll be worth it soon.

And with this, I finish with a lovely photo I took of some strawberries. Wait til you see the video!


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MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: John Mark McMillan - “Future/Past” (Live at RELEVANT)

I’m getting this in with less than an hour to spare! It’s going to be a good week if I actually get my MMS and 5TT out on time. Who knows, this might be it?!

Anyways. I recently made a new station on Pandora. The John Mark McMillan channel and it’s been beautiful. Queue up this station, brew some coffee, and sit in the moment … it’s beautiful. 

This song is beautiful. I had to share.

[check out more hand-selected videos here: MONDAY MUSIC SHARE]

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